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Scifi-Fans is a club account and our gallery consists of artwork by many members of the deviantART community. Please remember to comment :blahblah: and fav :+fav: on the artist's work in their gallery. A link is provided in the image description.






Scifi Entertainment Fanatics
We are now a Group! Come and join us at Scifi-Fanatics!


Scifi-Fans remains as an archive of our original club. Though it is still possible to join and watch Scifi-Fans, we no longer take submissions. Come and join us at Scifi-Fanatics to participate in community activities!

Current Residence: The Alpha Quadrant - Milky Way Galaxy
Operating System: Windows Holographic edition SP7
Shell of choice: Durillium Hull with Force Field or Cloaking Device
Wallpaper of choice: Astrometric Charts and NASA Pics
Personal Quote: Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories - Arthur C Clark


Scifi-Fans has started a donation pool!
478 / 2,000
We are now a Group!
Come and join us at Scifi-Fanatics!

Please donate so that we can offer dazzling prizes for competitions at the Scifi-Fanatics community! Thanks!



:star: Click Here for Current Competition Details :star:

Llamas are free to all club members of Scifi-Fanatics and Scifi-Fans, or 1 :points: to non-members by request.

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Please feel free to discuss the 'Community News' by making comments on this journal.


:bulletblue: October 11th 2010 :bulletblue:

Great News! Scifi-Fans is now a Group at Scifi-Fanatics!


It was too late to convert Scifi-Fans into a group so unfortunately that means everyone will have to re-join at the new group account (automatic approval), but Scifi-Fans will remain as an archive of the original members and gallery.

Another added bonus is that Scifi-Fans allows us to have a donation pool towards competition prizes for Scifi-Fanatics. If you are feeling generous and would like to donate, please visit Scifi-Fans.

We are still setting things up over there at Scifi-Fanatics but as a member of the new group you are able to submit deviations to our gallery at any time and they are automatically approved. We are also hoping to allow members to write blog entries for the group and whatever other nifty features we can find, depending on how the system works.

So get on over to Scifi-Fanatics and show your love for Scifi Entertainment!

:bulletblue: October 2nd 2010 :bulletblue:

Hello again Scifi Fanatics and welcome to our new members!

Long time, no see ... Time warps are a bitch. ;)

News was delivered exclusively to new members earlier today that Scifi-Fans will be converting to the Groups format over the next few weeks.  We hope that this will allow us to offer more features to members and therefore, more club activity.

We ask that members do not make any more submissions to the community gallery until transmutation into the new Groups format has completed. Keep your eyes on your inbox for a Scifi-Fans news bulletin once the club has been converted.

If you have already made a request to submit artwork to our gallery,  you will receive a reply note in the next few days asking that you wait for the conversion to the new Groups format to make your submission.

If you have made a request to affliate with our community, again wait for a reply note from us after the change.

Thanks for your continued interest in the Scifi-Fans community!

See you all soon. :teleport:



:bulletblue: December 22nd 2007 :bulletblue:

I can't believe the last time I logged in was March!  Apologies to you all for having waited so long for replies to notes and submissions.  As I said in our last news update, even if I'm not around for a while, I won't forget you.  Please keep sending your submissions our way.  Thank you to the loyal members who continue to submit their fanart, even when the club has appeared inactive for many months.  It is because of YOUR dedication and contributions that our club continues to grow.  I am currently working through all the notes and submissions, so it won't be long before you see your work in our gallery.  Thanks again! :)

I have closed the 'Scifi-Fanatics' website ... my busy life as mum to eight just does not afford me the time to maintain so many projects at once.  You can still submit your scifi related deviantART forum threads, as always.  This is a great way to preserve them for prosperity and to have current and new members contribute to your discussion. You can also join our Scifi-Fanatics distributed computing BOINC teams at SETI, Einstein, QMC, and LHC. You can read more about joining here.  Depending on how popular the team becomes, I may setup a page on my personal website in which to host your personal BOINC signatures.

Lastly, Happy Holidays to all the crew members and families of the Scifi-Fans club, and Best Wishes for the coming New Year.  See you all again in 2008!

:bulletblue: March 13th 2007 :bulletblue:

Sincerest apologies to you all, the loyal members of Scifi-Fans, for what seemed to be be ZERO activity in the club, and ZERO processing of notes over the recent months - Ive been one busy busy Mummy!

In all fact, we have actually had quite a number of art submissions from members waiting in the notes for me to log in, and a number of requests to join the club also.  So if you've been wondering whether you were ever going to get a response to your submission or join request ... be assured that all notes will be processed and replied to within the next 36 hours.

Thank you so much for your support of this club and PLEASE keep your submissions coming - though I may often be snowed under with multiple projects and parenting responsibilities, be confident that I've not forgotten about you and will always drop in eventually to keep the club active.  Again. sorry for the delays.



:bulletred: August 30th 2006 :bulletred:

In the last bulletin I hinted that I have been working on a project to make our community even better - a few of you may have noticed a subtle change to the Community Log a couple of weeks ago, and I'm excited to announce that we now have new website at Scifi Fanatics.  Remember the site is only new, so it will need your support</a> to grow and become successful - place a link to Scifi Fanatics on your website, at the end of your emails, on your blog, in your signature at other forums - anywhere you think might help us to get more members.  Scifi Fanatics is not just a playground for fans of Sci-fi entertainment, but also a place in which to promote our Scifi-Fans deviantART club to the general internet community - which means more exposure for your art.  Membership is free and open to anyone 13 years and over.  There are several interactive features - site members can participate in the Forums; submit News articles, Reviews, and Encyclopedia entries; create a personal journal; and partake in occasional Chat events.  I also hope to expand the site with more features over time, including sections and forums which will be exclusive to members of the deviantART Scifi-Fans community - your input will be invaluable in that development.  So what are you waiting for?  Visit and join Scifi Fanatics today!

There have been a number of additions to the Scifi-Fans gallery since our last Community News update so I hope you have been giving your support to your fellow members of Scifi-Fans by visiting the works in their personal galleries.  Thanks to stratosmacca, ursus327, Before-I-Sleep, and Albatross101, for their fantastic submissions to our gallery.  Remember your submissions need to be Scifi Entertainment Fanart, or at least inspired by a Scifi movie or television production.  Send a direct link, to the piece in your gallery, in a note to the club and it will be added to our gallery ASAP.  Read our submission guidelines for more information.  Also, if you see some scifi entertainment fanart in the gallery of someone who is not a member of our club, why dont you drop them a comment or a note to let them know we would be glad to have them aboard?

Lastly, just a quick reminder that members of Scifi-Fans can submit a link to any Scifi related forum threads that they create in the deviantART forums.  Just send a note to the club with a link to your thread and it will be added to the list.  There are also journals for Ideas and Scifi Resources on the net, so be sure to check those out if you think of anything you would like to contribute.

:bulletred: June 16th 2006 :bulletred:

Hi again, Scifi-Fans!  The club is back in action again after a 6 month hiatus due to the birth of my triplets.  SoulElectronique and PoizonMyst are now the proud parents of three identical girls!  As you can guess, we are very excited about the new additions to our family.

I logged into the club account a couple of weeks ago to find a heap of notes from people requesting to join and affiliate.  I've now replied to all the Join requests, and will get around to the Affilates in the next few days.  Affliates and Club listings are a very important aspect of promoting our club to prospective members and also helps to support the growth of other clubs on devinatART as well.  There's also a few new submissions to the club which will be added to the Scifi-Fans gallery over the next week - so be sure to check those out when they pop up in your deviantWATCH.

Members of Scifi-Fans may be interested to know that the Manipulators community is currently holding a sci-fi photomanipulation contest and have extended the deadline for new submissions until June 27th 2006.  With a 3 month subscription to deviantART up for grabs, you better get your entry in quick!  If you are interested, please click here to check out the full details of this exciting competition.

Finally, I've got a few exciting plans in the works for the Scifi-Fans club which will be coming up over the next couple of months ... keep your eye out for the next Scifi-Fans Community News Journal when it appears in your message bank.



:bulletpurple: December 23rd 2005 :bulletpurple:

Apologies to everyone that there has been pretty much zero activity at the club over the last couple of months.  Unfortunately, the same will be true for approximately four months following Christmas as I have to go into hospital to rest and then give birth to triplets.  While in hospital, before the babies are born, I wont be able to get online (for the babies sake, hopefully at least two months) but after the birth I will drop in occasionally via an internet cafe or public library until I get back home some time in April next year.  So don't fear ... the club is not defunct ... just taking a break for a while.  I won't be able to watch many sci-fi flicks while away either ... but hopefully there will be a huge selection to choose from when I return home.

I managed to send off a Christmas card, on behalf of Scifi-Fans club members, to the deviantART Holiday card project so we should eventually get credited with our free month subscription some time in the future.  Unfortunately, as I already said, I wont be around to utilise it, which is a bit of a bummer.  Anyway, there is still the poll which should pop up again.

So until I'm back online again ... I hope everyone enjoys a happy holiday season.  See you all again some time next year!

:bulletpurple: October 20th 2005 :bulletpurple:

Again, apologies for any delays in replies to join and submission notes, as I have been feeling under the weather of late.  Fortunately my illness is not related to anything detrimental ... but rather that my husband and I will be expecting a new addition to our collective in April next year.  Please be assured that any notes will receive a response eventually, if not within the usual 48 hours.

Some great news for the club is our free one week trial subscription to deviantART.  I hope to have a poll or two ready by this afternoon, so please participate promptly, as there will only be a few days to have your vote and opinion counted.  I am also planning to submit an entry on behalf of all scifi-fans members to the deviantART Holiday Card Project 2005 which will gain us another month subby - any suggestions as to what I might write inside the card would be appreciated - just leave a comment on this journal please.

We have had a little more activity in our gallery, which is fantastic! Thanks to Fring for her submission.  It's great for those visiting our club pages to see some quality fanart in our gallery.  I know pageviews are not really considered an extremely important aspect of deviantART, but when it comes to clubs, I guess it can be.  We recently hit 1000 pageviews, which I think is quite respectable for a relatively new group - remember club pageviews can convert into views of your own art gallery (especially if you have submitted to the scifi-fans gallery) - so please continue to promote the club in your signature or journal and keep up your submissions of scifi movie and TV fanart to the club gallery.

Some concern has been expressed over recent "changes" to the deviantART rules pertaining to fanart and how that will affect submissions to our club - read lolly's September 14th 2005 Community Development Update for more information if you haven't already.  It is important to remember that the rules haven't really been changed at all, but simply clarified.  If you have any further questions about acceptable fanart submissions to deviantART and scifi-fans then please check out the club Submission Guidelines or contact me via comment on the guidelines journal, note the club, or send me an email.  I know the various Rules, FAQ, and guidelines for our club are quite extensive, but most are just logical concepts, put in writing, to cover all possible facets that may arise over time - don't be afraid to let me know if you think something is missing or requires further explanation.

:bulletpurple: September 5th 2005 :bulletpurple:

Apologies for any recent delays in replies to join and submissions notes ... unfortunately I've not been feeling too well of late and as a result have not been online much.  I will continue to log in to the club account as often as possible to keep things updated, but if you do not receive a reply to your messages within the usual 48 hours, you now know why, and be assured that I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In other community news, we have been very fortunate to receive some impressive StarGate fanart submissions to our gallery by GreyMoccasin - so please take a look at those.  Unfortunately though, still no submissions for a club 'Deviant ID' or the 'Featured Deviation' - if anyone feels up to creating one of these for us, please check July 22nd for details on what is required.

I am looking into the prospect of holding some competitions for club members in the future.  I'm hoping to offer 3 month subscriptions as prizes, however, as I do not have a credit card I would have to pay for this via international money order - so it may take some time for the prize to be awarded once a competition closes.  Of course we can work on those details when I decide to undertake such a project.  As I will be paying for this out of my own pocket, I want to be sure that there will be sufficient members (maybe 100?), and on top of that, sufficient interest - so we may not see competitions at the club for some time yet.  Anyway, be sure to advertise the club in your journal or signature so that we might attract more members, which will get us closer to the day competitions become available at the club.

Lastly, I'm sure many of you have heard about the new 'groups' system being implemented by deviantART, which is expected to occur this month.  I will be moving the club over to this new system when it begins, and depending on how these groups work, all current members of Scifi-Fans will automatically become members at the new club domain.  Again, depending on how things work in the new system, I hope to relocate the gallery without much fuss and with as little disturbance to club members as possible.  When all these changes occur I intend to make an announcement in this news journal and everyone will be sent notes at the appropriate time so that you will know where to find the club at the new address, and I suspect, so that you can re-watch us.  Anyway, all details about requirements by members will be included in the note sent out - so be sure to keep your eye out for the notice so that you dont lose us once the changes take place.

:bulletpurple: August 5th 2005 :bulletpurple:

This entry is to verify that, regardless of the of the opinions held by individual group members, Scifi-Fans will be remaining impartial to the current jark/spyed issue. Please keep this matter out of the group pages - Thank you.

We have some new deviations in our gallery - so check them out! Many thanks go to RyokoJuraiMasaki for her excellent submissions of Star Trek Voyager and StarGate Fanfictions and fanart.

As you can see we still require a suitable 'Deviant ID' and 'Featured Deviation' so give it a shot. Deviants who provide this artwork to the club will be credited in the front page group journal. See July 22nd for details on what is required.

This year is the 75th anniversary of Pluto's discovery.  The NASA mission New Horizons is hoping to launch in January 2006.  The first ever mission to Pluto-Charon, and then beyond into the Kuiper Belt, is expected to arrive at it's destination in July 2015. If you are interested in sending your name to Pluto on the New Horizon Spacecraft, you can do so at this site.

:bulletpurple: July 22nd 2005 :bulletpurple:

I have added a couple of new features to the site, giving the front page journal another re-working, so you can now access seperate journals for Sci-fi Community News (where you are now), Sci-fi Entertainment News, and a new section - Sci-fi Resources ... a collection of websites that may interest members of this community.  Please feel free to make comments to the new journals in regards to the content, or if you have any suggestions.
Welcome to new members of the club and thanks to all those members who have helped to promote us.  We finally have a submission to our gallery by Dragon-Hacker which is much appreciated.  Again, if anyone feels up to the challenge, the club requires some artwork for our "Deviant ID" - include our community name and something related to sci-fi entertainment (no screen captures thanks).
Also, just a quick reminder that the club lists Sci-fi Public Forum Threads, started by club members, on the DA Forum boards - dont forget to send a Note with the link to your thread so it can be added to the list.

:bulletpurple: June 28th 2005 :bulletpurple:

I'd like to welcome new members to the club and thank you all for showing interest in this brand new community - please help us make the group grow by promoting the club to your friends in your journal or signature.  We need a club "Deviant ID" and some fanart for our "Featured Deviation", so if you feel up to the challenge, please don't hesitate to give it a try, and let me know when you've posted a piece.

A little off the track of sci-fi entertainment, but undeniably inspired by it, many astronomy fanatics were looking forward to the NASA "Deep Impact" encounter with comet Tempel 1, which occured on July 4th.  At 3.52pm (Australian Eastern Stanadard Time) NASA successfully smashed their "Impactor" probe into Comet 9P/Tempel 1. Streamed live on NASA TV, the resulting impact was larger than most anticipated. The probe was released from the "Flyby" spacecraft into the path of the comet 24 hours prior to impact and proceeded to undertake a series of targeting maneuvers. The "Deep Impact" mission is the first of it's kind, and is expected to help scientists ascertain the interior material composition of a typical comet, amoungst other objectives, which include answering some basic questions which relate to the formation of the solar system.

:bulletpurple: May 23rd 2005 :bulletpurple:

The Scifi-Fans community is actively supporting the push for sub-categorisng within the DA 'Fanart' submission section (for example ... Sci-fi, Anime, Horror, Theatre, etc.) and also within the 'Sci-fi' category intended for original Scifi creations (for example ... Creatures, Gadgets, Environments, etc.).  Please visit the public forum thread Sci Fi Fan Art, created by newepoch, to voice your advocacy for this proposition.


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